Difficuty is many times happen in my life. because I am not usuall person rather than any other person who live in Japan and some other countries. Japanese market still think we can survice in the world with current IT services. Does it have reality? I don’t think that is real. As you know,Toshiba came out real things of financials of own companies. Yes, I know how we can improve these problem. we should do correct thing and say something correct that you believe. I think Microsoft will have difficulty with OSS strategy in Japan. Because, Some Japanese company decide IT resources would have outside of the company. Is that opensource based? Ofcourse No. That is just ISV. System Integrator would be die. Usually, Many person who are curious about Open Source based Application and the user just use the OSS as a FREE RIDER. Normally, Free ride is used as a negative word in OSS community. At leasd, my manager can not understand that is important. I should explain OSS will defact standard in IT inderstory and also IT Pro. Once OSS developper realize that don’t have any free and libre, they will not be in that community. OSS should not be controlled by any person even if that is one person and/or company.

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